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 Mission Statement

The Lighthouse Clinic is a private practice where a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals and Complementary Therapists have come together, each with the common goal of providing excellent service in their area of expertise . 

Life is not simple, never straightforward and definitely challenging at times. The Lighthouse Clinical Team of Psychotherapists, Counselors and Play Therapists are committed to providing quality mental health services that promote positive change through collaboration, compassion, evidence-based therapies, and the integration of mindfulness practices. 

In order to achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do, our number one priority and commitment is, therefore,  to offer, at all times, a confidential, skilled and professional service, which enables clients to navigate life's challenges with dignity, support and understanding.

Today's world is a busy, fast-paced environment, and everyone needs to take some time out , to relax and be good to themselves. The Lighthouse Team of Complimentary therapists have a special focus on the health care needs of the whole person (mind, body, spirit) and actively encourage people to make lifestyle changes and participate in their own health and wellness. We are committed to alleviating physical discomforts and increasing mental and physical relaxation allowing for a greater sense of well being for our clients.

 One final thought, sometimes it's enough to take a breath and stand back, because

 "If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine  whether there is anything you can do about it.   If you can, there is no need to worry about it,  if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry."

The Dalai Lama XIV


                                              Maria Heffernan


                              BA (Hons) Psychology

                             Dip Counselling Children and Adolescents

                             Dip Forensic Science and Profiling

                             PG Dip Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy




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